How the ‘undercut’ design came to be on the new Nike Dunklow shoe

The Undercut Design is the new Adidas Dunklow silhouette.

Designed by a team of Nike designers, it’s a bold, modern look with a bold tongue.

It’s the latest addition to the Nike Dunkloos line, which includes the signature “Undercut” silhouette.

It was unveiled last month in the company’s Nike Dunklake capsule collection, which featured the Nike Flyknit upper.

Adidas Dunklake sneaker: How to shop the newest Nike Dunkhigh, the Dunklow, on sale from

The Undercut design is a bold and modern sneaker design that is a throwback to the past.

The Dunklow is the latest Nike Dunk low to feature a “undercut” design.

“We wanted to do something that had the classic Dunklow look and feel, but still had the flair of an Undercut,” said Tom Zagorski, creative director for the Undercut team.

The Undercuts “undercuts” the heel with a heel counter to create a more casual look.

“The heel counter adds to the silhouette, so it’s more athletic, but also has the classic look,” said Zaggerski.

The “undercutting” design is one of three unique, contemporary designs Nike introduced this season.

The others are the “Dunklow” and the “Air Max” sneaker.

“It’s a really cool design,” said Nike.

“It adds a lot to the sneaker, and it’s really cool to have this type of product.”

The Dunklow sneaker is the most recent sneaker to be unveiled at this year’s Nike Fan Fest.

The “Ducklow” sneaked on to store shelves this month, along with other Nike Dunklows and Air Max sneakers.

The Nike Dunklite sneakers were also announced at the event.

Adidas also announced its collaboration with a new sneaker brand, the Nike Sportline, at the show.