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‘I wish I could wear a corset’: Woman in London takes to the streets to show how she feels about wearing a cortise

A woman has taken to the London streets to wear a caffin-shaped corset, a trend that’s gaining popularity among women. 

Katie McPhee on Wednesday walked through Hyde Park wearing the corset, which has become a trend in the capital.

“I think it’s very sexy,” said Ms McPheta.

“It looks so sexy, and it’s a very feminine and very stylish piece.”

She said she wore it for the first time on Wednesday evening after attending a meeting in London to discuss the London Eye’s decision to rename the park after a controversial statue of Hitler.

“He’s just a symbol of hatred and racism, and this is a symbol for all of us,” Ms McLeod said.

“For me, I think it has really got me thinking about women and feminism and women’s issues.”

The cortise was designed by artist Katia McPhetson, who created it while working as a street artist.

Ms McPhey said she hoped it would bring attention to issues affecting women.

“This is something that has come out of a real need, a real real need for women’s bodies to be seen and celebrated,” she said.

“This was created to make people think about how they see their own bodies.”

The London Eye has said the corset is not a symbol or a costume but is designed to represent the symbol and image of the city’s Nazi past.

The statue is being removed from the Hyde Park area.

A carpet designer on Thursday said there was a need for more people to be visible in the city, especially women.

She said the London Eye needed to do more to support women in the fashion industry.

“We have a really good representation of women in fashion and the fashion sector and this has been very positive,” Ms Dickson said.