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How to dress your baby

How to Dress Your Baby, a fashion site that specializes in baby outfits, is reporting that there is a “growing demand for high-end baby outfits,” including the $1,200 baby tuxedo.

According to the site, there are currently more than 600 designs on the site for baby teddies, including $1.4 million and $2 million teddys.

They include dresses, suits, dresses with accessories, and a range of sweaters.

The website also has an extensive list of designer baby clothing, which it says includes everything from suits and blazers to dressy dresses, pants, and shirts.

According a press release from the site on Tuesday, the trend has “become very lucrative for some baby brands,” citing examples of designer dresses and coats.

The site also noted that baby-friendly clothing lines are also gaining traction, with baby tresses becoming a popular trend.

The trend has also been fueled by baby’s popularity, the site said.