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What you need to know about the new ‘low price’ sneakers

A new sneaker from low-cost brand Nike is making its way into the market.

The company is selling a pair of sneakers for about $150 online and has been selling them in stores for about a week.

The new sneakers are called the Flyknit and are manufactured by Nike.

They are available in black and brown, and have the company’s trademark logos on the tongue.

They come with a black leather tongue and are $130.

“Flyknit sneakers are the first high-end sneakers that we’ve made available in a low price, at a low cost,” said Nike Vice President of Design and Engineering, Tom Poulton.

The Flyknit sneakers have a leather tongue, a black tongue and a tongue-in-sole design.

The sneakers feature a black sole, leather tongue stripe, black accents and the Nike logo on the front.

Nike has also released a new sneakers line of Flyknit models, which are more affordable, and are now available for $140.

The shoes have a white sole, black tongue stripe and black accents.

Nike says the Flyknits are a high-performance sneaker with a full-grain leather upper, high-grade EVA midsole, and a midsole with a specially designed mesh.

The shoe is made of an all-cotton/cotton blend material.

Nike will release another pair of Flyknit sneakers later this year, and will also launch an all black Flyknit shoe, which is expected to be more affordable.

“This is a great opportunity for the FlyKnits to further build their brand, especially since we have been doing well at the top end of the market,” said Poulson.

The Nike Flyknit Sneakers are currently available in stores.