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When Carolina Designs won’t let me put my dog in my car, the designer says he has to take a detour

CAROLINA DESIGNS: The designers behind one of the most beloved designs in the world have a new pet policy that will keep her at home for now.

Carolina Designs founder and CEO, Lisa R. Wahl, announced in a press release that her dog, a miniature kangaroo named Kiko, has been temporarily relocated to a new home in the company’s “Dog House” design studio in Florida.

The move comes just two weeks after the dog’s owners, who called themselves “Wahldogs,” complained that they couldn’t keep Kiko in their vehicle because it was too big.

Wills, who is also a designer and founder of the Carolina Design company, explained that because of the size, they could not fit the dog in the car with the seat folded.

Wines said in a statement, “We are glad to be able to bring our beloved Kiko home, but unfortunately, we can no longer keep her in our vehicle.

We have to take the long way around.”

Wills said the move will allow them to work on “a new project” in the coming weeks, and will give them more time to “explore new ideas.”

Wahl said the dog will stay in the “dog house” for the time being, though she added that they will be “trying to figure out the best way to get the kangaroos back to their owners.”

Welch is a designer, speaker, speaker and creator of the designs “Pigs and Wines” and “Panties.”

Her “Pants” are currently on display in London’s Royal Academy of Arts.

The designer also announced that a new product, called the “Dog Litter Box,” will be launching later this year.

Wahl told Fox News that the product will allow people to take their pet with them when they travel and will “give people more options and opportunities for keeping their pets.”

“I think it will be the best thing that has happened to me in this company,” Wahl said.

Wills also revealed that the company has hired several “animal designers” to work at the studio and to help with its pet policy.

Wellows also said that the new dog policy has made her a better owner of pets.

Welich’s company has also hired a “dog whisperer” to help people with their pets.