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Designer says she was bullied for wearing nail polish

A designer who has worked in the fashion industry for decades says she and her husband were bullied for being “dresses” in a wedding dress competition and have filed a lawsuit against the winner.

“I’m in the business of designing wedding dresses and accessories and I am a person who works in the world of fashion and fashion designers and the rules of the contest were that they could choose who they wanted to design the dress for,” Jennifer DeBlasio said in a recent interview.

“And they were choosing my husband and I for that.

We are not designers, we are people.”

DeBlasio, 50, said she was competing against the designs of her friend and fellow designer, Kristin Zielinski, who has been a fixture in the design industry for 15 years.

Zielinski won the design competition in March at the New York Fashion Week.

She won the grand prize of $100,000, which she said was her dream.

DeBlasi said the couple’s dress design was the winner in the competition because it featured a lace neckline and a long skirt.

The design also featured a simple floral motif on the skirt, and the lace-like design was reminiscent of a flower.

But the competition was criticized for featuring an “underwear-like” design, according to the lawsuit DeBlasi filed on Friday.

Ziolinski was also the runner-up in the grand fashion design contest in February.

She is seeking $10 million in damages from the designers.

In the lawsuit, DeBlas said Ziolinski’s dress included “sickly” lace-looking fabric and was “not elegant or flattering.”

De Blasio’s suit also names two other designers who were named in the lawsuit as defendants.

The suit alleges that Ziolinks designs “constituted a sham competition to attract attention and gain notoriety” and “ignored the legitimate purpose of the fashion competition by designing for a consumer audience who was unable to afford to compete.”

The suit seeks compensatory damages for “economic harm” as well as punitive damages.

It seeks a permanent injunction to prevent the defendants from using DeBlisas designs or likenesses in any fashion, video, or merchandise.

Zolinski’s attorneys did not immediately respond to a request for comment.