Why You Shouldn’t Wear Pink nail designs

How to make the perfect pink nail design that’s easy to apply and looks stunning from a distance.

Read More I’ve never seen a nail polish that looked so stunning, I love the pinkness of the color and how it changes depending on how the color is applied.

There are many ways to use nail polish, but this tutorial is for people who are into nail art.

Nail Art Tutorial #3: Nail Art With Dye or Glitter in Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Brown, or Brownish Nail Colors, and The Complete Color Wheel for Color, Glitter, and Color Shading for Nail Polish By Sarah K.D. Pewter nail polish and the complete color wheel are my all-time favorite nail polishes, and I’ve tried all the other shades in the palette.

I love the way that all the colors have unique, gorgeous textures, and the palette makes it easy to find the right shade for your nail art style.

You can also try mixing different shades for a unique look.

Here’s the complete nail art tutorial for you:1. Glitter:  Mix the three colors to get the right color for your nails.

 I recommend adding 1-2 coats of glitter for a more intense look. 


Dye: Mix the two colors together to get a bold, pink-tinged look.3. 

Purple: Mix each color to get different shades of purple.


Red: Apply a thin coat of the two shades to get your look.5. 

Yellow: Combine the two color pigments to get that unique, vibrant pink. 


Green: Stain the nail with glitter, then dab the two pigments onto your nail to create a green base. 7. 

Blue: The glitter can be applied on the sides or top of your nails for a subtle, glittery look.8. Brownish: Using a lighter shade, dab the glitter onto the nail to give your nails a subtle brownish tone.9. 

Pink: Add glitter to your nails to create the perfect purple look.10. 

Stained Glass: If you want to get fancy, dab glitter onto your finger tips for a bright, glitter-covered look.11. 

Black: With the polish on, apply a thin layer of glitter on the nail for a dramatic, black-on-black look.12. 

Light Brown: Try adding a few drops of brown powder to the glitter for more sparkle.13. Titanium: Dab glitter onto top of the glitter to give it a metallic look.14. 

Orange: Put a little bit of orange powder on top of glitter to make it orangey.15. 

Mauve: Just dab glitter on top to create purple.16. 

Blonde: Use a glittery pink or pink-tan to give the look of a blonde nail.17. 

Cyan: Create a matte look with glitter.18. 

Lime: Make your nails pop with lime or lime-yellow.19. 

Maroon: Adding glitter on your nails is a way to create some extra color.


Gel Liner: Make the glitter shine and shine with a little extra gloss.


Colorful Hair: Add a bit of color to your hair with glitter to add some sparkle or make it pop.22. 

Shade of Pink: This is the most versatile shade, and is a great way to add a little sparkle to your manicure.23. 

Deep Brown: If you’re a fan of brown nail polish I think this is the shade to go for.24. 

Dark Brown: You can use this as a base for brown polish.25. 

White: To get a subtle and colorful look, use this on top for a darker look.26. 

Peach: Color the nail as you go.27. 

Violet: A bit of purple in your nail polish will add some color to it.28. 

Neutral Brown: If you love neutral brown nail polies, you can try adding a little of this on the tip of your finger.29. 

Copper: This is a gorgeous neutral color, but if you’re not a fan, add some gold or blue powder to it for a different look.30. 

Bright Purple: Pump up the color with glitter and apply it over your nails as you apply a shade of purple polish.31. 

Olive: You can use the color as a matte finish for your manicures.32