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Which pumpkin designer dress is right for you?

The designer dress market is booming, with the likes of Gap, Abercrombie and Fitch, J.

Crew, and Zara all making headlines for their seasonal offerings.

But the trend isn’t limited to designers: Pinterest is also home to a thriving marketplace of pumpkin designs.

But it’s important to remember that these designers don’t make the best pumpkin designs, and some are a little too trendy.

Let’s look at five pumpkin designer dresses that you can buy today.


Mimi Dels, Mimi Dress , $75, Shop Now 2.

Mami, Mami Dress , $95, Available Now 3.

Mica, Mica Dress ,$85, Pumpkin Style 4.

The Roxy, The Rooftop, $99, Solo 5.

The Big, The Big Dress, $150, Happiest Place on Earth