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How to use the design feature on the new baby designer glasses

You don’t need to be a designer to wear the new designer baby glasses.

The glasses, which are being launched by design agency Pinnacle Designs, allow baby to be more confident and confident in their self-expression and their personal style.

The brand has created the baby glasses with the aim of encouraging confidence in the baby’s personality and encouraging parents to use them as part of their child’s education and educationally development, according to the company.

In the next couple of years, we’re hoping to see this really be a platform for parents to really get involved with their child, said Pinnacle founder and CEO Tim O’Connor.

They’re also designed to help parents become more confident in what they’re wearing to their children, and for the baby to see the world more clearly.

“It’s all about being confident in yourself, in what you’re wearing, and in how you express yourself in your life,” said O’Connor.

Parents can get a baby design glasses at PinnacleDesigns store in Melbourne’s west, or by visiting

PinnacleDesigners baby glasses have been designed with a unique style that will help baby to become more independent and self-sufficient.

“We’ve found that we’re really good at giving parents tools and ideas to get their child to be their best self and to express themselves more naturally,” said Pylon CEO Matt Taylor.

“So, we wanted to create something that was as unique as possible, and one that could work with any style and any child, and that was a great way to showcase our work to parents.”

For parents, there’s a wide range of baby glasses available to choose from.

The baby glasses feature a large, transparent visor that opens to reveal a pair of adjustable ear-pods, with a pair more discreetly tucked inside.

The design also allows parents to set their child free to explore the world, and can be worn in one hand or extended to allow for more comfortable play.

The baby glasses are made of 100 per cent cotton polyester and will be available in three colours: red, yellow and blue.

The designer glasses will also be available as a free download, with parents having the option to add more to their collection at no cost.

The new designer glasses are designed to be worn on the head, with the visor and ear-pieces covering the eye.

The glasses will be offered in two styles, a medium-fit and a large-fit, and the design can be changed to match any child’s face shape.