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Inside the architecture of the Oculus Rift headset, designed by a woman with autism

A woman with a history of mental illness has created a VR headset that looks more like a living room than a movie theater.

“We want to take something that has so much potential and then make it a space that people feel comfortable in,” says Niki Kaur, a designer with the nonprofit Mental Health Virtual Worlds.

She’s also worked with a group of artists to design and create a VR version of the movie The Exorcist, which she says was designed to show people how to behave.

“If you go in, it’s like an ordinary movie theater,” Kaur says.

“It’s just there, so it’s just like playing a movie.”

Kaur is a licensed therapist with a specialty in helping people with mental health issues, but she’s also a filmmaker.

She was inspired by her own experiences with the movie.

“I had a very traumatic experience, and that was when I was watching a scene in The Ex, and I felt that the film was very accurate in describing what it was like,” Kav said.

“So I wanted to try to make that same feeling for people.”

The first time I saw The Ex was in high school, when I saw the movie as a child.

It was actually when I first saw The Doors in the theater, because that was a very different experience to the one I had when I watched the movie at home.

The Ex is set in the 1950s in the U.S.K., where a group, led by a man named Charles Manson, murders innocent people, then burns down their homes and murders everyone else who isn’t white.

It’s a film Kaur thinks was inspired in part by her childhood experience.

“When I first came to this world as a kid, I would say that my experience of the world was much more diverse than other people’s,” Kava says.

But that was only true in my childhood, and then I came to understand what it meant to be different in the world.

I think the difference between me and my childhood friends is that I had a more complex understanding of myself and the world and how it was structured.

“The Ex” Kava said the film “started off as a horror movie, but it was more of a comedy.

It had a lot of things in common with a lot the films I was really into at the time, like I remember being scared of my mother and her crazy ideas.

The film was made for a film festival and Kav remembers watching it and thinking, “I have to go see it again.” “

You start out as this dark character and then you get to know them,” Kavia says.

The film was made for a film festival and Kav remembers watching it and thinking, “I have to go see it again.”

She took her daughter and friend to see it at the festival and was blown away.

“They were in tears,” Kail says.

I got to meet the person who made it, and it was the first time they had ever seen a film like this, and they were all very emotional.

They said, “You’ve gotta watch this, because this is the best film I’ve ever seen.”

They went to see The Ex again, and this time, it was even more powerful.

The movie “was about this guy who’s going to get what he wants.

It wasn’t about me and what happened to me,” Kavan says.

It took them 10 minutes to get through the film, which is a little over an hour.

“To be able to be in this place and actually feel comfortable, and to feel the world around you,” Keva says, “is really important.

I’ve never been able to feel this way before.

It really changes the way you look at the world.”

Kava is not the only one who has been able take a different view of The Ex.

She says she’s gotten help from people she didn’t know before.

“All of the people that were with me in highschool, they’re all now in my life,” Kiva says.

She said she’s learned so much about people and what it takes to get along.

“These people have taught me a lot about myself, about my relationships, and what makes me happy,” Kiva says.

Kav, who is autistic, said that the biggest lesson she learned was to be a positive person.

“Being happy and being good is what I always look for in people,” she says.

And if you want to make a positive change, it takes a lot to be that positive person, Kava adds.

“People are like me.

They’re good people.

They do things the right way, and people just don’t understand that,” Kave says.

For her part, Kavan wants to be able make a difference in people’s lives.

“Maybe we don’t see it as much, but if I could be able change one person’s life, then maybe I could change someone else’s life.”