When it comes to dogs, the cat is king

Designer dog collar technology is about to go mainstream, and a new breed of cat-inspired collars could help cat owners keep their furry friends happy.

A team of researchers at Oxford University has developed a collar that allows the wearer to turn a collar on its own to turn on a cat alarm.

The team’s project is called CatCollar, and it uses a patented technology to automatically activate a collar when the wearer turns the collar on.

“It’s basically an artificial cat,” says David Macdonald, an associate professor at Oxford’s School of Design.

The collar works by using an ultrasonic sound to activate a special device inside the collar that activates when a cat enters the wearer’s home.

When a cat comes in the way of the collar, the sound of a soft alarm clock will trigger the collar to automatically turn on.

This technology allows the collar wearer to be able to turn the collar off without having to touch the collar at all, and Macdonald says the collar is safe and doesn’t require the wearer be physically near a cat.

With its ability to turn itself on and off, the collar could potentially be a great addition to cat owners’ homes, and not just for pet owners.

“It can be used to wake the cat up, or it can be turned on to prevent the cat from jumping on the sofa or in the bed,” says Macdonald.

“It’s a very flexible device that can be programmed to do very specific things.”

Cat collars are becoming more and more popular.

In 2016, cat owners in the United Kingdom were asked to keep a cat in their home for one year.

The number of cat owners using cat collars rose to 5,000 in the same year, according to the British Veterinary Association.

Cat owners in India, China, Australia and the United States have also become more familiar with these devices, and researchers are working on making the technology available in their countries.

In fact, researchers from Oxford University are working with the National Institutes of Health to make a prototype for cat collar usage.

They’ve already created a prototype that is already available for sale to pet owners, and the team is working on getting it to market.