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Game design district in Miami gets new design,more nail designs

A Miami-area design district has been redesigned after the death of its founder, who was killed in a plane crash in 2014.

Devin Clements, who helped found the district in the 1980s, was a popular nail design and tile designer who died in 2014 after a plane crashed in his Miami Beach home.

The district’s name is based on the “triple Aught” motto of “all things are fair game.”

Clements was best known for his designs for nail polish, tile, and other home furnishings.

The Miami Beach Design District (MBDC) was named after him, according to the Miami Herald.

In an interview with the Herald, a representative of the MBDC said that the name of the new design is the “Devin’s design.”

“He was a great designer, but also a great guy,” the representative told the newspaper.

“We just wanted to keep his name, his legacy and the community’s respect for him and his family.”

Clement founded the MBDA in the early 1990s to serve the needs of the nail and tile industry.

The MBDC has about 20 members, including Clements.

Its logo is a hammer and sickle with a stylized hammer and a sickle.

The district’s website has a photo of Clements holding a hammer, and it has several other designs with similar themes.

In addition to Clements’ name, the MBdc also has a number of other designs that are inspired by him.

A design called “Clement the Hammer” shows a hammer with a sickles tip and a hammer that points up.

Another design shows a sickled hammer and an upturned sickle, with a hammer in the center and sickles at the edges.

The MBDC’s website says that its mission is to promote the values of design and innovation, and that its board of directors include industry experts, design firms, and professionals in the nail industry.