A woman has been diagnosed with cancer and is battling the disease at home

SAN FRANCISCO — A woman who was diagnosed with leukemia and spent the last year of her life in a wheelchair is now fighting to keep her battle going.

Kimberly D. Wertheim has been fighting cancer for more than two years.

She was diagnosed at the age of 19 with the rare type of leukemia that only affects about one in 10,000 people.

Wertheim was in her mid-30s when she underwent chemo, a process that kills most of the cells that make up the body.

It’s a tough disease.

She had to stop using her hands, walk with a cane and spend much of her time in the hospital.

But her illness was so severe she needed a new set of arms, which are made of prosthetic bones and joints, and she could not use them as much as she once did.

So she went into labor at home.

It was a long, long labor.

Wernheim had a C-section and her son was born on Sept. 17, 2014.

But because of her illness, she could only give birth to one baby at a time.

She had two other children, who were adopted and have now grown up.

She said she doesn’t have the energy to look forward to her grandchildren.

Her oldest daughter, a doctor at a hospital in Northern California, has cancer.

She is in remission, but she is worried about the future.

Her daughter said Wernheim is so close to death she has not even seen her son for months.

“She doesn’t feel the same.

I don’t know what to do,” she said.”

I don’t want to go into her room and put my hands on her and say, ‘Hey, what are you doing?’

I just want to keep going.

I’m so proud of her, and I know I have nothing to be proud of.”

Wernheimer said she is trying to help other people who may have similar illnesses.

She is also working with other people on the autism spectrum, including those with Asperger syndrome and aphasia, to help them navigate life with the disabilities.