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The new XBOX One X, which is expected to arrive in early 2017, is expected be a huge leap forward in gaming performance.

But its main selling point is the fact that it has the same design as Xbox One.

However, there are some differences.

The XBox One has a new Xbox logo on the back of the box and has a black controller.

Its also a bit wider and taller than the Xbox One X. The PS4 Pro and Xbox One S are both slightly taller than XBox Ones.

However the Xbox X has a more modern design.

It has a different front and back panel with a new front and rear touchpad and an Xbox logo in the centre.

The Xbox X will also come with a range of additional accessories, including wireless controllers, a headset and a charging cable.

This makes it a lot more expensive than its rivals.

And it’s likely that gamers will be happy with the price.

The new Xbox One has been released at the same time as the new Xbox, so the XBox X will not be competing with the new console.

But you can buy the Xbox Scorpio in November.

But the PS4 X has already been announced.

It is a £399 console with a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player and will come with all the same features as the Xbox.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is expected in November and is also a 4k console with 4K Blu-rays and Dolby Atmos surround sound.

Both consoles are available at £399, which means you can get both the Xbox and PlayStation X for just £130.

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