Humanized Designers: 10 of the best design talents

Designers and designers are a vital part of every company and industry.

And now, we’re introducing a new category of human-centered designers.

From the designers that design the latest tech and wearables to the designers and designers that create the most creative products, these individuals are constantly pushing the boundaries of human interaction and creating products that truly transcend the boundaries.

But what do these human-centric designers actually do?

How do they work?

And where can you learn more about them?

The following designers and creatives will share the inside stories behind their creative projects, and how they use human touch to make them better.1.

Dan Zylke Dan Zulke is the creative director of the fashion brand B.C.C., and is responsible for creating the style and look of the brand.

He’s also responsible for bringing in and supporting the best designers in the industry, which has made him an integral part of the creative team at B.B.C.’s design team.

He started out in fashion design as a youth in Vancouver, BC, but has moved to the Bay Area to pursue his career in creative direction.

He said that the creative process can be overwhelming at first, but he’s constantly finding new ways to take the experience further.

Zylkke is one of the most talented and innovative designers in his field, and is known for his use of social media to connect with customers, fans and friends.

He also uses design as an opportunity to explore and understand people’s emotions and to improve his craft.2.

Michael Bowers Michael Bower is a designer and educator at the University of New Mexico who has a passion for creating engaging, intelligent experiences.

His work has been featured in the Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and the Huffington Playlist.

Bowers also has a background in fashion and technology, and said that it’s his passion to help people become more aware of the importance of being connected to their environment.3.

Chris Anderson Chris Anderson is a visual designer and digital media strategist who was born and raised in San Francisco.

He graduated from UC Berkeley in 2009 and has worked at clients like Sony, Starbucks, and Sony Music.

He now works as a freelance visual designer, working with brands on their creative and branding efforts.

His portfolio includes print, digital, and interactive design, as well as graphic design and design in education.

He believes that technology is an important part of design, but the right way to use it is up to each designer.

He is an avid consumer of photography, and has used his experience to help create unique photography projects.4.

Daniele LattanzioDaniele Laittanzio is a digital designer and a member of the Visual Studio team at Adobe, responsible for making the Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more accessible to a broader audience.

His design career spans three decades, spanning brands such as Nike, Gilt, and Burberry.

His background in design and digital products was acquired by Adobe in 2010, and he has worked as a senior designer for the company’s Creative Cloud and as an artist and visual director.5.

Tom KratzTom Kratzz is a creative director at Adobe who specializes in design, design in digital media, and creative collaboration.

He currently serves as the creative lead for the Adobe Digital Media Team at Adobe.

He has worked on several projects that have been featured at the Adobe Design Awards, including the 2016 and 2017 Adobe Design Academy.

His first design project, a collaboration with the United States Navy, won the 2017 Adobe Creative Awards for Best Design.

He enjoys creating and sharing creative ideas and is passionate about helping companies, brands and individuals better understand the world around them.6.

Dan WiedemanDan Wiedman is the executive creative director for Adobe and has been in the field of digital design since 2009.

Wiedemans work includes a variety of creative roles, ranging from creative director and design lead to head of digital at Adobe and senior designer at Adobe Digital Publishing.

He recently launched the Adobe Creatives Academy, a free online course that will teach aspiring designers how to apply Adobe’s design and creative tools to their business.

Wiesman is a former member of Adobe’s Creative Director’s Lab, and his work has also been featured on The Huffington Post and Wired.7.

John AvilaJohn Avilar is a senior director of design at Adobe Creative Technologies, where he oversees the company, and also serves as a principal architect and lead designer.

Avilas design work has appeared in publications such as Forbes, Mashable, Mash Magazine, and other major publications, including TIME.

His creative work includes design for major consumer brands such Disney, McDonalds, and Target.8.

Alex DabekAlex Dabev is a graphic designer and artist, and specializes in digital illustration.

His current projects include an interactive project, called My Story, for the upcoming movie The Dark Knight R