A long nail design designed by a designer for an animal crossing

The design of a long nail that goes over a dog’s back and onto a tree branch has been described as “beautiful and whimsical”.

Photo: Paul JeffersThe long nails are designed by Australian designer Sarah Smith for a family in New Zealand.

Ms Smith says she designed the design for a pet, which she hopes will become a favourite in her own home.

“I designed the long nails for the pet because I wanted them to look natural, not too complicated, and also because it was just a really fun design idea,” she said.

“It’s a lot of fun for me, it’s just a lot different than my usual nails.”

Ms Smith, who is originally from New Zealand, says the design has a lot to do with the nature of the dog, the tree branch and the design of the design itself.

“The design is based on a natural environment and the tree and the branches and all the different things that make up the landscape, it is an amazing design,” she explained.

“If I could get a dog to do it, I’d definitely do it.”

The designs are made with a 3D printer, which Ms Smith describes as a “really cool” technology.

“We’ve actually been working with this 3D printing technology for the last three years,” she told ABC News.

“There is so much potential and so many different ways to use this technology.

It’s a great technology for design.”

The design is also available to the public on Ms Smith’s website.

“As the technology continues to advance, I hope to have a long list of designs available to view and download, which will be updated on a daily basis,” she says.

“In the future I’d like to be able to provide a longer list of available designs and be able, hopefully, make a list of my own designs available for anyone to download, and share them with others.”

Ms Stilwell said she wanted to create a design that would “make people happy”, with “natural and natural” elements.

“You don’t have to make your own, you don’t need to buy anything, and you don´t have to buy something expensive,” she added.

Ms Stillwell said it was a difficult process to design, because it involved a lot more thought than usual.

“Sometimes, it takes a lot longer than usual,” she admitted.

“But it’s a process, and I hope that people can look at it and see how much effort is put into it.”

Ms Snodgrass says it was important for her to use natural materials, such as bamboo and plants, in the design.

“A lot of the designs I have for the home have been designed by animals, so it’s important for me to be using natural materials,” she noted.

“Nature is really beautiful and nature has been the main inspiration for me.”

The first of three designs Ms Snoodgrass will make for her children will be available to download.

The designs have been made with the help of a 3d printer and will be uploaded to Ms Sndgrass’ website next week.

Ms Snoadgws hopes her designs can become “a big part of their dog world”. “

So they will be the perfect choice for their dog’s tummy and their tummy will look fantastic and they will look like they are playing,” Ms Snoda said.

Ms Snoadgws hopes her designs can become “a big part of their dog world”.

“I just want people to be inspired by nature, to feel their own way, to try and create their own designs, and hopefully I can inspire them to be the same way.”