The free logo designer app for iPad

A free logo app for the iPad is launching today.

The Free Logo Design app allows you to draw your own logos and share them with the world, and it is the first app for iOS to let you do so.

The free design app, designed by RTE, was developed by the design studio in Dublin.

“It’s the first free design application for iPad, and for the first time, it allows you create your own logo design,” said RTE marketing director Dan Smith.

“The app allows for easy sharing of your logo designs and they can also be downloaded for free.”

You can upload your logo to the app and share it with the rest of your social networks.””

The Free logo design app lets you draw and share your logo, so it’s great for anyone who is creative,” said Smith.

The app is available on the App Store and Google Play for free, and the first version is available for download from the AppStore.

There are also plans to launch the app on the iPad App Store in the coming weeks.

The new app also features a feature that allows users to create custom fonts and logos, which can then be exported and used to create new logos for brands or logos for events.RTE has been working with designers and illustrators in the creative world for many years to create great designs.”

We are excited to be the first to bring our innovative free design software to the iPad and we think this app will be the perfect complement to our other free design apps,” said James McGowan, senior creative director at RTE.”

Our Free logo app is an innovative way for anyone to share their designs with the public.

“This app is a great way to share your work and create new brands and logos with your friends and colleagues.”

If you want to create a unique brand name or logo for a brand event, or simply want to share a logo for your own company, then this app is the perfect app to give you all the tools to get started,” said McGowan.

The first version of the app was launched in February this year, and is available now for iOS and Android devices.