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‘I was the only one’: How Trump, a decorated World War II veteran, turned a humble, single mother into a billionaire businesswoman

The story of one woman’s journey from a lowly waitress to a billionaire is a cautionary tale for America’s rising stars.

For more than three decades, Mary Lou was a single mother of three children who worked as a waitress in a local diner.

It was a life of poverty and loneliness, but it also provided a platform for her to pursue her career as an entrepreneur.

The first of her three children, Donald Jr., was born in 1951.

She was working as a cashier at a local restaurant in the early 1970s, when she heard a rumor about a new family business.

She was determined to take her daughter to the local diner, but that proved difficult.

Her father was ill and unable to work, and her mother was struggling to care for her three kids.

The family lived in a small apartment with no running water, no electricity, no running food.

Mary Lou lived in the living room, which was often too small to move around.

She often didn’t eat or drink, and the only thing that helped keep her spirits up was her love of food and coffee.

On her first day at work, she asked for an advance.

But the diner’s owner told her she was too young to work there.

The manager gave her a 10 percent discount, which she took to the cashier and got the job.

Mary Lou worked there for eight years, working at various restaurants in and around Detroit, before she retired in 1992.

She never forgot her first job.

In fact, she loved it so much that she dedicated her life to it.

The story of Mary Lou, the single mother, is told in a new book, The Only One: How Trump Inspired Me to Succeed, by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the best-selling memoir, I Was the Only One.

It was at the age of 34 that she got her first big break.

She started her own restaurant, the Red Lion in Detroit, named after her daughter, the first restaurant in America opened by a single woman.

The Red Lion was a success, but its success was short-lived.

In the mid-1990s, the city of Detroit decided to change the name to a better, more inclusive name, and it changed the name of its franchisees to include the Red Lions, Mary’s daughters.

Mary’s story was the catalyst that spurred the city to change its name to the Red, Lion, and Green Lion.

When Trump was elected to the presidency in 1992, he changed the Red and Green Lions franchise to the American Red Lion and the American Green Lion, to give a more inclusive, diverse name to its franchise.

Trump was elected on a platform of restoring manufacturing jobs in the U.S., and he campaigned on an aggressive anti-poverty agenda that included making America the cleanest, most environmentally friendly nation in the world.

Mary had a hard time believing that his election was going to happen, especially since she was working with a lot of Trump’s former supporters.

She knew that they weren’t going to be supportive of her as a woman, but she was determined not to let them down.

She had a vision that had been brewing for decades, but had never been realized until she was at that table in 1993.

She and her business partner, James O’Neill, had decided to build a restaurant that would serve a wide variety of American cuisine.

The restaurant was called The Red Lion, named for her daughter.

Trump, a former steelworker who built a manufacturing company in his home state of New York, was not an avid diner.

He was a big fan of his own family.

And yet, he had no interest in being associated with a restaurant where his children would be allowed to eat.

He had been a businessman, but he had never built a restaurant.

And so he was thrilled when he saw The Red Lions opening.

He immediately ordered a table for Mary Lou and her children.

He also invited her and her partners to join him on the menu.

Mary and her family had never seen a menu before, so she didn’t know what to expect.

But she did.

The Red and the Green Lions menu was an eclectic mix of American and international cuisine.

It included burgers, sandwiches, salads, chicken and fish, and even pizza.

The food was also delicious.

Mary and her friends loved the food and were so eager to eat, they took their children and grandchildren there.

The food was so good, they were excited about starting their own restaurant and wanted to take their business to a larger audience.

They had an idea.

The first restaurant they planned to open was in a city called Dearborn, Michigan, with the slogan, The Great American Red Lions.

“It was an amazing moment, the day that I knew I could make my dreams come true,” Mary Lou said in a recent interview.

But her family didn’t just want to have a restaurant