‘I love to draw’: ‘Themes’ from The Wire author Marc Lemire

Marc Lemieux is a master at using a simple, yet effective visual language to communicate complex themes in a way that’s both clear and engaging.

His latest book, The Wire, is a masterpiece of graphic design, which makes his use of text and imagery all the more impressive.

His book is packed with themes and themes that span all the decades of the show’s history, and Lemieuws latest project is a nod to those themes.

Lemieuse is best known for his graphic novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, but he also has an affinity for some of his favorite novels, including A Song of Ice and Fire, The Lord of the Rings, and The Hand of Fate.

We caught up with Lemieueux to discuss how The Wire came together, how he draws and creates his artwork, and his favorite books.VICE: How did The Wire come to be?

Marc Lemieunes books are always the most personal, most personal books I read.

And the way he approached The Wire is so personal, it’s almost like he is an artist himself.

I think it is very unique.

He has a style that is so much more intimate, he’s so much less formal, and he’s really drawn in the style of graphic art, where you’re just drawing it and you can’t be too careful with it.

And so I think that’s what I love about his style is that he is very intimate.

He is drawn in such a way where he is drawing what he would say in a conversation or what he is saying in a text or what the characters are saying in text.

I have always found his writing very compelling, and I love that about it, but it is really intimate, it is personal.

And then of course, it was just the writing.

It was a very personal thing.

I would not describe myself as a visual artist, but I do think of myself as very visual, and drawing is a great way to draw.

There are a lot of great things in his work, like The Wire itself, which is a very, very personal story that was about two families in New York.

And also there’s a lot in the book that is autobiographical and personal and I think he has that in common with the people who have done a lot with graphic art.VICE’s David Bowerman: I think a lot people would argue that the writing and the visual are the two main parts of it.

You have your characters and your world and you have your worldbuilding.

How did you come to work on The Wire?

Marc: My brother and I were very lucky to live in the same neighborhood in Brooklyn.

He’s a realist.

He always looked out for his neighborhood, and so we would watch the news and talk about the news together and it was great to be able to watch the world.

I guess the only thing that would make it more interesting would be if it was in our living room.

I don’t think anyone else would be able imagine a different life.

I was lucky to be a writer, because I was able to write my own stories.

I love to write, and if you were going to take it away from me, you would take it out of my hands.

And that’s kind of how I decided to get involved with the art of graphic arts.

I knew that if I started a graphic novel company, I wanted to make the best graphic novels that I possibly could, and the only way I was going to be successful was to do what I loved, which was writing.

And it was a lot to take on.

I really love writing, and when I started working on this book, I was really excited.

And I really had to work really hard to make it happen.VICE and Marc Lemmeuse are best known as the creators of the graphic novel series, The Sandman, which won the 2012 National Book Award.

They also co-created the graphic novels, The Black List and The Mummy, as well as the TV series, American Horror Story: Asylum.

Their latest work is The Wire.VICE asked Lemieus about his work with the show.

Marc Lemueuse: I’m very proud of it, and to be honest, I don-I think it was more that the fact that I loved the show that drew me in.

I feel like I am the most part of the team, the creator, the editor, the colorist, the sound designer, the director, the voice actors.

And if I don�t like what I do, I can be really disappointed.

The show has a very particular style that I enjoy, and it really has made me feel like an artist.

And they are really supportive, and they will give me their blessing, because they want the best for the best.

I am really, really proud of that.

It is a huge