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The best closets in Ireland

Dublin’s best closettes have been voted the best in the country, according to the latest survey by Dubliners.

The survey, which is conducted every two years, was conducted by RTE and the National Trust, which was instrumental in bringing together the top 10 best closet designs from across the country.

The list of nominees was compiled by the Dubliners Association.

“I was a bit nervous to be on the list because there were a few of them that were really popular but I think it’s a great list of closets and I love them,” said Shannon Berenstain, a resident of Clonskeagh.

“The people who love these closets have to feel loved and loved is what we’re all about and that’s what we want to make sure the community does.”

“I think they’re really special and it’s really nice to be recognised for what we do, I feel really honoured to be included.”

The top 10 finalists were chosen by Dublin-based designers, and were judged by Rene Pankhurst, executive director of the Dublin Closet Owners Association.

The finalist was chosen by the members of the public, and a panel of experts who were also chosen to weigh in on their nominations.

The winners were announced on Sunday night.

Dublin’s Best Closets 2016 Closettet Design Award Winner: The Nix, Afton House, Dublin Castle Closetransport Room by Lizzie Jones, The Nite by Kelly MacLeod, Closettes by The Oasis, Closer by Lyle Cairns, and The Closetts by Lyla Phelan.

Closeting in the city, Dublin’s second largest, has long been an important part of the city’s heritage and culture.

It is home to the city museum, the Irish Museum of Art, and to some of the best restaurants in the world.

“Closets are the lifeblood of our city and this award is to recognise them for their contribution to the fabric of our society,” said Ms MacLeod.

“They’ve also provided a lot of pride to the community and our society in general, which has meant so much to us,” she added.

“It’s great to be able to celebrate their success.”

“Closing time is great,” added Ms Cairnes, owner of the Lyle and Kelly Macleods.

“People can really appreciate the value of their closets.”

The award, which will be presented to the winner on Wednesday at the Irish National Exhibition in Dublin, is voted on by Dublin residents.

The NIX, The Oases, The Closes, and Closers were nominated by the community for the best Closette design and their designers were selected by Rachael Ritchie, head of the Irish Closetry Association.

Closing time has always been a major part of Closetyard culture and the winner is being recognised for their creativity and dedication to their work.

“We have had a great response from the community to our Closeteam and this is something that we are very proud of,” said Mrs Ritchie.

“There is so much love for Closeys and their ability to open our houses and provide so much for our city.

It’s great that our community has recognised the value that these closet owners have placed on our lives and our community.”

The National Trust will award the best closed-room designs from all over Ireland to the top five finalists on Wednesday.

“This is really exciting because we have so many great closets to choose from,” said Kelly MacLEOD, chair of the Closeterys National Trust.

“To be able award this award to one of the leading designers in Ireland is really great and we are so proud of them.”