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Swedish designers design cool shirts to boost tourism

Sweden’s first cool shirt design for the winter is a simple but effective one.

The brand behind the design says the shirt features a silhouette of the Norwegian flag with a bright white and blue color scheme.

It is a design inspired by the Norwegian weather, and a way to remind visitors to stay warm, the designers said in a statement.

The design features a bold, white and dark blue design inspired from Norway, the Nordic nation that is famous for its cold weather, the company said.

The shirt is currently available for sale at and other retailers.

“The logo of Nordstrom is red, and the brand is a reference to Norwegian winters,” the designers wrote in the statement.

“We chose the flag because it is one of the most recognizable flags in the world.”

The shirt is a great gift idea for people who want to bring the weather to their homes.

It also helps people in colder climates to stay in the air for longer periods of time.

The shirt’s designers said the design will soon be available at other Nordstrom retailers and online stores.

“It is a really great shirt, but we wanted to show that Nordstroms cool shirt is just as awesome in our store,” the company wrote in a follow-up statement.

The shirts have been sold in the Nordstrom store since early January.