What you need to know about men’s fashion | What do you need in your wardrobe?

The last time I checked, women were still wearing a lot of pants.

It wasn’t just because they’re just as hot as men, though.

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons showed that men are also the biggest spenders on men’s clothing.

But women still seem to be spending the most on men, with men spending on average $1,000 more than women on their overall clothing purchases.

And even the average woman’s wardrobe may be a little different than that of a man.

While men are still more likely to buy clothes that are tailored and tailored well, the average man is spending a lot more on mens clothes, as are women.

A woman’s overall clothing spending is $10,000 less than the average male’s, according to the study.

So what’s up with that?

What does the new study mean for the future?

“In a perfect world, it would make sense for women to be wearing more formal clothing, like a suit or a tie, and men to be more casual, like jeans and button-downs,” said Jessica Gazzola, a fashion and lifestyle editor at the New York Times.

But it’s hard to say whether the trend toward casual clothing will continue in the long run, especially because women are more likely than men to wear men’s clothes.

So, while there is definitely a trend toward a more formal wardrobe, the reality may be that we’re not actually seeing it yet.

What does this mean for men?

For men, it means that he needs to invest more into his wardrobe.

“When it comes to the casual, there are a lot less expensive choices out there,” Gazzula said.

“There are more men who can afford a suit that fits well and is tailored for the manly look, and there are more women who want to wear a dress that looks nice, is casual and works for both men and women.”

And for that, he might want to keep the basics.

Gazzana said he would consider buying some basic men’s pants or jackets for the men’s closet, or finding a men’s turtleneck for the women’s wardrobe.

He also suggested keeping a few items for himself.

“I’d keep a few pairs of pants that are casual, and a few shirts and jeans,” he said.

Gizza also mentioned that some men may want to stick to their more formal outfits and buy a dress for the office.

“A lot of men do wear pants, but they also want to be able to dress up and show their style and their personality,” she said.

For men who prefer to keep their clothing to basics, he said they should probably stick to those basics.

“For some guys, they may want a more casual dress for their office, or a casual turtlenecks,” he explained.

But if you’re a guy who prefers a more sophisticated look, you might want a suit for your office or for a wedding reception, he suggested.