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What to look for in the fanny bag designer fanny

The fanny backpack has long been a staple in fashion.

Now, the designer fany pack has been introduced, designed by a woman in China.

The fannies are made of a nylon material that is soft and breathable, according to the company.

The fanny packs are also made of lightweight, lightweight materials that can withstand up to 200 feet of travel.

The design has made the fannys more practical, since it will fit in your pocket, but also allow you to take them anywhere.

The designers fanny bags are also a great way to wear a cute outfit.

You can wear them with jeans or with sneakers.

The designer fanny packs are now available at various retailers in China, including Urban Outfitters and Saks Fifth Avenue.

The designs are available for $30 at Urban Outlet, $49 at Saks, $69 at Sainsbury’s, and $79 at

Designer fannying bag design by kai.liu on flickr design designer fannie pack design designer designer fanna pack design