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Why a mural in New York City won’t work for a Steelers game

The Pittsburgh Steelers have no plans to replace the iconic “Steeler Stadium” image that they painted on the sides of their new stadium.

But the image that’s been used as a backdrop for the stadium has caused controversy among Pittsburgh fans.

The Steelers recently hired an artist to work on a mural for their new facility, which will take up the majority of the new stadium’s footprint.

It was originally supposed to be completed in 2019, but that date has been pushed back by the NFL.

The team recently unveiled a new image to honor the Steelers’ history and history of the city.

It shows a statue of Steelers greats, including former star quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, former Steelers offensive lineman David DeCastro, former head coach Mike Tomlin, and former head of security Bill Hagerty, and a large statue of former Steelers player Jim Kelly.

The mural was meant to celebrate Pittsburgh’s roots, but fans have criticized the image.

They’ve also called for a return to the old image.

The Steelers say the new one is much more fitting.

We have a great mural in our stadium that we put together with the help of a great artist.

It’s a great tribute to the Steelers.

They’re very proud of that.

And it was a great honor for us to have that mural done.

And I think what it shows is that people are really excited about this new stadium and that people love the fact that it’s a new venue.

The NFL said they’re still evaluating the work.